A Black artist played dead by a Philly landmark — and the reaction is just what you’d expect

Last Saturday, a group of artists decided to stage a silent protest in front of the LOVE statue, an iconic Philly landmark. The group seized on what was perhaps the most gruesome detail from Michael Brown’s shooting death in Missouri: the fact that his body was left uncovered on the street in broad daylight for hours.

So Keith Wallace, an MFA acting student at the University of California and Philadelphia native, decided to pose as a dead body. Covered with blood, bullet holes and even police caution tape, Wallace lied down and stayed absolutely still for an hour — right in front of one of the busiest tourist attractions in the city. 

Tourist: “Something about this doesn’t feel right, guys.”

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33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment 

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Officially quit my job…now it’s time to play let’s find another.
One that won’t lie to me and say they don’t have morning shifts… When they do..
They just hired hella new people and gave them morning shifts right away!
When I’ve been asking for morning shifts since July.
I’m done…so so..done.






I thought we agreed to never be creative again.

I fucking hate this as I reblog it to my page immediately

makes me kinda angry idk???


What is this from?

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this is probably the best quote from anything ever


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